Bath water filters will remove heavy metals, bad odours, chlorine and more from your bath water whilst PH balancing the water. USA made bath water filter systems. Free delivery Australia Wide.

Slim Line Brass Bath Water Filter
Brass slim line bath filter made by sprite in the USA. Neat and compact, durable and stylish. Remove chlorine, heavy metals, bad odours and PH balance your bath water with a genuine sprite chlorgon and KDF bath filter. Get instant relief from dry itchy skin and scalp problems. Ideal for people with high blood pressure or asthma. The slim line bath filter is made from solid brass with a thick chrome plate and comes with a 5 year warranty excluding filter cartridges. The bath filter cartridge model SLC should be replaced every 6 months or 37,000 litres NSF certified. Includes the first genuine sprite filter cartridge and free postage.
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Slim Line Bath Filters.
To install on bath - remove existing bath spout from the wall and place supplied cover plate over hole, then screw the metal adaptor supplied into the back of the bath filter and screw onto existing pipe work coming out of the wall were your spout used to be. Screw on your existing spout onto the outlet of the bath filter and it is ready to use.

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Sprite Baby Bath Shower Water Filter
  • Sprite BBS Hand-Held Filtered Baby Bath Shower Filter:
  • The BBS Sprite Baby Shower Filter simply attaches to the kitchen faucet or existing shower arm.
  • Provides fresher, healthier water for baby's sensitive, young skin.
  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals, sediment and odours.
  • The Sprite BBS shower filter handle size and gentle water spray are a perfect fit for infants and children.
  • The replaceable filter cartridge HHC is easy to change and lasts 3 months or 3,000 gallons, filtering 99% of free chlorine.
  • The Sprite BBS baby shower filter's easy to hold handle helps direct soap and shampoo away from baby's eyes.
  • BBS Sprite Baby Shower comes with baby shower handle, filter housing, faucet adapter, stainless steel hose, hose bracket and one cartridge (model HHC).

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Sprite Dechlorinating Bath Salts
Sprite dechlorinating bath salts.  Exclusively with crystal-chlorgon to reduce and remove chlorine exposure while bathing.  Mediterranean blue de-chlorinating bath salts, condition without added fragrance or artificial dyes. Neutalizes harmful chlorine for softer skin and hair. Use 1 capful per bath.  Approx 25 baths. USA made.
Free postage Australia Wide.
Sprite bath salts for chlorine free baths.

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Bath Water Filters