Advanced Water Filtrations water filter cartridge change service or water filtration system installations cover all suburbs in the following area's Gold Coast, Mount Tamborine,  Tweed Coast,  Tweed Heads,  Kingscliff,  Pottsville,  Cabarita,  Murwillumbah,  Bryon Bay -  Call on us for installations and service of a wide range of Domestic and Commercial water filter systems and water filter cartridges. Phone 1300 255 345 or 07 55 323 646 to discuss your water filtration requirements today.  Our water filter install and filter cartridge change service is limited to the systems we have installed and serviced or our branded systems.

Gold Coast Water Filter Showroom
Wide range of water filtration systems
Gold Coast local service vehicle
Service and installations 7 days a week
Under sink water filtration systems
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Choose from single, twin and triple undersink
Full range of shower filters
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Shower filters for the bath and shower Gold Coast
Visit us or call 1300 255 345
Water filtration systems for home, office and commercial

Twin Under sink water filtration systems installed from $399.00.
Countertop water filter systems installed from $155.00.
Portable Countertop Reverse osmosis systems installed from $330.00.
Under sink Reverse Osmosis Purifers installed from $750.00.
Whole house water filter systems supply only from $240.00.
Shower filter systems installed from $99.00.
All our water filtration systems are assembled by us using USA and UK made parts and water filter cartridges.

All Advanced Water Filtration's under sink
under sink water filtration system faucet tap
systems come standard with a all metal ceramic disc faucet, No PLASTIC .
Different styles available all NSF approved faucet
under sink water filtration system faucet tap
Metal quarter turn ceramic disc under sink water filtration system faucet.

This is a picture to show you how your bench will look with an Undersink water filter system installed. The forged brass chrome plated quarter turn ceramic disc finned tap can be placed on the left or right hand side of the sink. We have the correct tools and drills to fit faucet on any type of benchtop from marble and granite to wood and laminate.

Twin under sink, Single or Reverse osmosis Tap/Faucet Installation. We carry out our own work. No fitment too big or small. 20 years Installation Experience. We Guarantee all our work. The tap we use as standard fitment is a forged brass chrome plated quarter turn ceramic disc high quality faucet.

Choose from a wide range of filter taps
water filter system taps.JPG
Supplied as standard with every undersink or reverse osmosis water filter system
Culino Australian made quality dual mixer
3 way mixer water filter tap gold coast.JPG
Dual mixer luxury faucet hot, cold and filtered water
Quality metal not plastic diverter valves
countertop water filter
Advanced Water Filtration lifetime warranty on this product
Countertop Water Filters No plumbing required
Countertop water filters Gold CoastJPG
Countertop water filters available in white or stainless steel

This picture is our Countertop water filter or Bench top water filter (USA made) and displays how neat and easily it is fitted to the kitchen sink tap using the all metal diverter valve supplied.

USA Made QMP Premium Countertop water filter or portable benchtop water filter system installed or sent anywhere Australia wide. EASY 1 minute installation.

Countertop connects to tap in under 1 minute
All metal connectors and Premium water filter cartridge are included
Quality made in the USA countertop water filter
Countertop water filters. Stamped made in the USA,
Neat and compact portable reverse osmosis coastJPG
Filter up to 300 litres a day. Full fluoride removal
Dont pay to much for a premium quality R/O system
Quality reverse osmosis water filter systems
Ask us about our special installation package on all our reverse osmosis systems
12 ltr , 9 ltr and 6 ltr Reverse osmosis system storage tank

Advanced Water Filtration supply and install the very best Portable and Undersink Reverse Osmosis Systems. Portable is fitted in the same way as a countertop water filter system. 4, 5, 6  stage are fitted under sink.  Removes fluoride, Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals such as lead and copper and many more harmful contaminates.

Top picture is a 4 stage undersink reverse osmosis system as fitted by us. Advanced water filtration has over 20years hands on experience with the installation and servicing of undersink reverse osmosis systems. Bottom picture is a 4 stage portable reverse osmosis which connects to the tap in minutes using a Diverter Valve fitted to the kitchen tap.
Reverse osmosis systems remove 99.8 % of Unwanted substances commonly found in your tap water including Fluoride, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Viruses, Toxins, Foreign Compounds.
Dirt100%Volatile Organic Compounds99.9%
Rust100%Herbicides and Pesticides99.9%
Bad Taste100%Iron99%

4 stage reverse osmosis installed
We provide ongoing service and customer care
4 stage reverse osmosis system pre installation
4 stage reverse osmosis system
USA made premium quality reverse osmosis systems
Portable reverse osmosis system
Portable reverse osmosis 4 stage
Pure drinking water in under 1 minute.
Sprite high output available white or silver
Genuine sprite shower filters available in hand held hose, Metal and high output wall mount
Hand held shower hose filter KDF
Genuine sprite shower filters available in hand held hose, Metal and high output wall mount
solid brass chrome KDF sprite shower filter
solid brass chrome finished premium shower filter
Will never crack, split or break. Lifetime warranty
This is how our Sprite USA made high output shower filter housing looks when installed in the bathroom. Sprite shower filters come optional with water saver head or use your existing one as pictured below. Replacement genuine HOC sprite cartridge 12 month filter service also available. Bottom picture is how a high output sprite shower filter can be connected to any type shower Assembly hand held shower hose or fixed.

Best Quality USA Made Sprite Shower Filters. Available in slim line, high output and hose filter options. Removes chlorine, odours, dirt, sendiment and other harmful contaminates. Less allergies etc, your hair and skin will come alive! Quality All metal sprite high output chrome shower filter available now. Metal shower filter housing will never crack, split or fade.

Sprite shower filters are a universal system
shower filter.jpg
Fits to existing shower head and arm.
Heavy duty HOSE sprite shower filters
Sprite shower filter installed or serviced
Hand held shower filter.JPG
Universal fit on existing hand held shower.
Premium quality made in the USA
Twin Undersink Water Filter Systems
Beware cheap imitations our housings are stamped made in the USA
Heavy duty USA made housings
10 inch industry standard size for 9 3/4 inch water filter cartridge

Single under sink water filtration system and twin undersink water filter installations. Includes the apex 3 way dual check anti hammer pressure limiting valve fitted to the mains pressure line as pictured. Due to Australia's fluctuations in water pressure all our undersink systems are supplied with a all metal Australian standards pressure limiting valve, reducing pressure on system to under 75 psi. Beware companies selling cheap plastic pressure limiting valves.

Quality USA made single undersink water filter system. Comes complete with fin forged brass chrome plated quarter turn ceramic disk tap/faucet, Stainless steel bracket,  dual check 3 way Apex pressure limiting valve and premium 0.45 CRPB Multipure cartridge or choose from Matrikx Pb1, 0.4 Small bore superblock Multipure or Doulton ceramic ultracarb or sterasyl.

Quality pressure limiting valve
pressure limiting valve, T piece and shut off valve
T piece and shut off valve supplied with all our systems
Single under sink water filtration system
single under sink water filter system USA made
Compact in design and space efficient.
Just one faucet is needed in your kitchen
for filtered water from your filtration system and mains water, 3 way faucet
Apex pressure limiting valves
Strong, durable and long lasting. Beware cheap poor quality imports

Premium twin under sink water filtration systems as installed by us. Advanced water filtration offers 4 different Twin undersink water filtration systems. Please call us on 1300 255 345 or visit us to see our range of quality undersink water filtration products. 

Our twin under sink water filtration systems are the best value for money on the market. We use Premium 0.45 micron CRPB multipure water filters and 1 micron prefilters (All USA Made). All our undersink systems include 3 way dual check Apex 350 KPA all metal pressure limiting valve and a quality forged brass chrome plated quarter turn ceramic disk tap/faucet. All work on installation is licenced. We offer a lifetime Guarantee on all our installed products. Taste the difference with an undersink water filter from Advanced Water Filtration.

Twin undersink water filter system installed
Twin undersink water filter serviced and installed
Order today. Call 1300 255 345
Professional installations and after sales service
Remove Chlorine, Bacteria, Chemicals and other harmful contaminates.

All Advanced Water Filtration Single, Twin,
Twin under sink water filter system.
Single, twin under sink systems include the following standard
Quality NSF certified water filter cartridges
Premium quality multipure water filter cartridges.
Please see each item for included water filters
Water filter spanner for easy opening of your
water filter spanner.JPG
water filtration systems housings. Change your own filters easily.
Mode style chrome quarter turn cermic disc
All metal quarter turn ceramic disc faucet.
undersink water filtration faucet/tap standard fitting.
T piece, Quarter turn ball valve to shut off water
Pressure limiting valve with T piece and shut off valve.
Apex pressure limiting valve dual check water hammer resistant.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems
5 stage reverse osmosis systems.JPG
Under sink 5 stage Reverse osmosis system
Countertop Reverse Osmosis System
Connects to tap in 1 minute for clean pure water
4 Stage under sink reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis systems remove fluoride, chlorine and more
3 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis
3 stage compact.quality.reverse.osmosis.JPG
Perfect for tight spaces undersink reverse osmosis system
Alkaline Mineral Reverse Osmosis
Add a Alkaline Mineral filter to any reverse osmosis system

Below are images from our water filter installation portfolio. We professionally install all our water filtration products within our customer service areas (in-home or workplace) and pride ourselves on the quality of our products and installation work (All work is licenced and guaranteed). Advanced Water Filtration use premium quality water filtration products that are made in the USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand.  Please phone 1300 255 345 and ask for Clayton or Christian for friendly professional service and expert helpful advice that you will only receive from a company with over 21 years hands on experience within this specialist industry. We also package and send any of our products Australia wide and use a PayPal shopping-cart for a safe, peace of mind, easy and secure customer shopping experience.
All Advanced Water Filtration's systems that we install are supplied with a full 10 year warranty or a unbeatable Lifetime warranty is provided with the ongoing servicing of your system with us once yearly.

Single Under Sink Water Filter
Single under sink water filter
Quality undersink system with a 10 year warranty
Twin Undersink rain water system
Perfect for use as a rain tank system outside or undersink
Premium quality USA made housings
Quality UK made John Guest Fittings and Hoses
triple undersink water filtration
Triple filter your water for high use families and business
Ezifit and quck change filter systems
Ezifit and quick change under sink water filter systems.JPG
Choose from compact undersink systems from Biopure and Omnipure

Reverse Osmosis water purifier system
Reverse osmosis water filter
4 stage reverse osmosis installed undersink with 11 litre storage tank
3, 4, 5 and 6 stage reverse osmosis systems
Includes pressure guage reverse osmosis
Usa made premium quality water purifier with pressure guage included
Under sink water filter pictured as installed
reverse osmosis.JPG
Easy to service and maintain giving you pure clean healthy water
11 litre storage tank with full NSF approval
storage tank for reverse osmosis system
Stainless steel tank and quality omnipure filters and Dow membrane
Apex dual check pressure limiting valve standard
Apex pressure limiting valve, T piece and shut off valve included

The quality of water in Australia is rapidly decreasing. Pollution, chemicals, old piping in the reservoirs, sediments and bacteria that exist in a lot of our municipal reservoirs, are some of the alarming issues that create a need for every household to have a water filter in Australia. Bacteria present in our water supplies are one of the most common causes of sickness and the common flu. The question people ask is how do I solve this problem in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner? The simple answer is to use a water filter. Water Filters are far more environmentally friendly and economically viable than bottled water. Drinking filtered water from a Advanced Water Filter product proves to be much more economical and healthier.

This is simply about the maintenance of your water filter system.  Advanced Water Filtration recommend that you service your water filter system every 12 months.  This is very important from a health perspective and the ongoing performance of your filtered water system. The cartridges within the water filter cartridge collect many pollutants, chemicals and microorganisms which over time can start to clog up your water filter, and as contaminants build up, a filter can not only become less effective, but actually can make your water worse, by starting to release harmful bacteria or chemicals back into your filtered water. 
To keep your filter working properly, regular maintenance is required.   Our maintenance system only requires cartridge replacements.   We have a highly trained team of installers and service technicians that are committed and have been specially trained to deliver a high quality personal service.  Our efficient cartridge reminder service, along with our dedicated staff will contact you prior to your service due date.   At Advanced Water Filtration, our water filtration systems come with a 10 year product warranty and service guarantee which is free of charge (excluding replacement cartridges).  Our water filter service includes flushing and sterilizing your water filter system to ensure the system stays clean. Replacement of the highest quality water filter cartridges available and lubrication of all seals. The system is then comprehensively checked for leaks etc. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our water filtration services if you are not completely satisfied. Phone us on 1300 255 345 anytime.

All Advanced Water Filtration's in-home/workplace installations and replacement cartridge services use the following filters of your choice - 0.4 micron super-block small bore Multipure, CRPB 0.45 micron Multi-pure, PB1 0.5 micron nominal Matrikx water filter or 0.2 micron Matrikx ceramikx and 0.9 absolute filtration Doulton Ceramics Ultracarb or Sterasyl in either 9inch or 9 3/4inch sizes.  All water filters are NSF certified solid carbon block or Ceramic and are made in the USA or UK. These quality water filter cartridges will protect you and your family from bacterial cysts giardia and cryptosporidium, heavy metals such as lead, chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, dirt and sediment, slime, rust as well as taste and odour are improved. If you are not satisfied with your water filter or service we will refund your money back in full, No questions asked. We also offer customers a no hassles Cartridge reminder service either via phone or email when there water filter is due for replacement. Please see contact us tab at the top of this page for Cartridge reminder service. Servicing and installing replacement filters for countertop, undersink (single,twin,triple), reverse osmosis systems, whole house systems, caravan travel filters, rain water systems and shower filters.

Sprite industries brass all metal shower filters
solid brass shower filters
Quality metal shower filters available in chrome or brass, Will never crack or split
Upgrade your undersink water filtration system
Dual mixer faucet / tap for undersink water filter connections
with a Culino dual mixer faucet. Filtered water and tap water from the same faucet. Australian made.
Upgrade your water filter cartridges to Doulton
Doulton ceramic cartridges
ceramic cartridges with any of our water filtration systems PH 1300 255 345
Sprite hand held shower filter HHC housing USA
hand held sprite shower hose filter
Quality shower hose filter easily attaches to your existing shower hose between the head and hose.
Big white whole house water filtration 20 inch
big whites whole house water filters 20 inch
Geuine USA made big whites allow your to filter your whole home and Tank water situations