Advanced water filtration offers our scale inhibitor water filter cartridges for use in coffee machines and ice maker machines etc. Prolong the life of your equipment by preventing costly scale build up in you machines. Without any form of chemical additives, our filters will prevent scaly deposits in the heating elements and lines. Heavy metals and and other elements in our drinking water that have a detrimental effect on flavour, such as chlorine, are filtered out as well, while important minerals important to health are retained.

Carbon Phosphate 10 Inch Water Filter Cartridge Scale Inhibitor
Designed for the food service industry and all home appliances to protect from scale build up in equipment from ice makers to coffee machines and ovens etc. Built-in sediment pre-filters remove Dirt, Rust & Algae. Gac granular activated carbon and Phosphate removes Chemicals, Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odours. Polyphosphate mixed into the carbon prevents scaling making it ideal for coffee machines and steamer ovens. Industry standard 9 3/4 x 2.5 inch cartridge. Fits all 10inch size housings and machines. Discount in checkout for bulk orders. Free postage Australia Wide when ordering 2 or more cartridges.
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Item #Scale inhibitor

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Omnipure SCL10 JJ 5 micron inline scale inhibitor water filter
Omnipure inline SCL10 JJ 5 micron scale inhibitor water filter cartridge with 1/4 inch push in hose connections. Perfect for use in commercial applications or home with kitchen equipment and coffee machines to prevent scale build up and damage to your machines. Made in the USA by omnipure with full NSF certification. Removes chlorine, taste and odours with scale inhibitor. Recommended service life is 6 months. The best inline filter in the world pure and simple. Buy in bulk online and save money now. Free postage for all orders over $50.00 sent Australia Wide.
                                             inline filter SCL10 scale inhibitorSCL10 scale inhibitor water filter inline

Item #Omnipure SCL10

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Coffee and Ice Maker Machines Water Filter Cartridges For Prevention Of Scale Build Up and Chemicals.