Replacement Sprite Shower filter cartridges with patented KDF and Chlorgon available in part numbers HOC, SLC and HHC.  The best quality USA made genuine sprite shower filter replacement cartridges for all sprite high output shower filters, slim line shower filters and hand held hose shower water filter systems available on the Australian market.

HOC Sprite shower filter cartridge
Suits all sprite high output shower water filter systems
HHC shower filter cartridges
Sprite HHC hand held hose shower filter cartridge
Slim Line Filter Cartridge Model SLC
Remove chlorine, heavy metals etc Sprite Model SLC

Sprite Hand Held Hose Shower Filter Cartridges
Sprite HHC hand held shower hose water filter cartridges.

Item #Hand held hose

Regular price: $69.95  Discounted price $59.95

Sprite Shower Filter High Output HOC Replacement Cartridge
Sprite shower filter high output cartridge HOC.

Item #HOC filter

Regular price: $69.95  Discounted price $59.95

Sprite Slim Line Shower - Bath Filter Cartridge
Sprite slim line shower filter cartridge.  Model SLC. USA MADE

Item #Slim line S/F

Regular price: $69.95  Discounted price $59.95

Sprite Slim Line Replacement Cartridge Sprite Shower Filter x 2
Sprite slim line shower filter cartridge x 2.  Model SLC.  Chlorgon and KDF filtration media.  The best shower filter cartridges in the world.  Rated service life 37,950 litres or 6 months.  NSF certified Standard 177.

Item #Slim Line

Regular price: $119.95  Discounted price $109.95

Sprite HHC hand held shower hose filter cartridges x 2 packs
Replacement sprite KDF and Chlorogon HHC hand held shower hose filter cartridges. Easily change your own shower hose filter when needed with this genuine quality sprite filters 2 x twin packs from the USA. ( 4 cartridges in total ).

Item #hose filters

Regular price: $119.95  Discounted price $109.95

Sprite High Output Shower Filter replacement cartridge HOC x 2
Sprite shower filter replacement cartridge genuine HOC x 2.  Sprite 12 monthly KDF and Chlorgon high output replacement cartridge. Remove chlorine, heavy metals, taste, smell and odours, rust, sediment and more. Reduce allergies, asthma, eczema and skin reactions.

Item #HOC sprite x 2

Regular price: $119.95  Discounted price $109.95

Brass High Output Shower Filter
Sprite Brass High Output Shower filter USA made. Housing is made from solid brass then chrome plated and is the best quality shower filter housing and cartridge combination on the market. All metal shower filter housing with included Sprite KDF and Chlorgon high output HOC 12 monthly shower filter cartridge. Fits all existing shower heads and handles. Installs between shower head and shower arm or directly from wall output to arm. Reversible filter cartridge. This is a high capacity, heavy duty, high output filtration system. HOC replacement filters available in shopping cart. Metal shower filter Model HOB-CM. Replacement cartridges Model HOC.  Full sprite install instructions provided. Will never split or crack. Weighs 1050 grams, Length 12 cms, Width 7 cms, 1/2 inch BSP threads.  5 year warranty.  Available only in solid brass with polished chrome finish.  
sprite brass shower filter high outputbrass shower filtershower filter

Item #Brass sprite

Regular price: $130.00  Discounted price $109.00

Shower Filter High Output Chlorine Removal
Shower Filter High Output Chlorine Removal. Made in the USA $73.00 removes Chlorine, Chemical Odours and Sediment from your Shower Water with KDF filtration. High Output USA made sprite shower filter includes heavy duty housing with the first 12 month KDF sprite high output filter cartridge included. Use less soaps and detergents. No itchy skin and dryness problems. Less irritants and allergies. NSF certified. Spare HOC 12 month sprite high output replacement cartridges available with this purchase at a further discounted price in the options box below.  Use your existing shower head with this universal heavy duty sprite shower filter. Be sure to look at our add on offers in the checkout section. Easily connects to your existing shower head and arm.  Free delivery Australia Wide.


Item #Shower filter

Regular price: $99.00  Discounted price $73.00

Hose Shower Filter
Hand held universal sprite shower hose filter housing and first KDF and Chlorgon sprite hose filter cartridge included.  Upgrade any hand held shower to a filtered shower in minutes. Made by sprite in the USA. 6 monthly cartridge change is recommended. Available in chrome finish. Model HF-CM.  Reversible filter cartridge, swivel ball attachment. Fits all hand held showers. Genuine replacement sprite hose shower filter twin packs available in shoppingcart section below.
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Heavy Metals 
  • Iron Oxide
  • Dirt, Sediment
  • Combined Chlorine
  • Relieves dry itchy skin and scalp 
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)
  • pH balances water
  •  Weighs 370 grams
  • 22 cms length
  • 3.5 cms width
  • 1/2 inch BSP  threads
    metal connection with swivel headsprite shower hose filter housinghose.shower.filter.JPGsprite shower
    Hand Held Shower Hose Water Filter System

Item #Hose Filter

Regular price: $79.95  Discounted price $69.95

Sprite Shower Filter Replacement Cartridges