Bench top reverse osmosis water filter
Bench top reverse osmosis water filter.  Fully portable no plumbing required do it yourself professional 4 stage water purifier system. Lowest waste ratio 1 -1. This system includes 1 x Omnipure USA made K2505 first stage dirt and sediment cartridge, 2 x Omnipure k2540 carbon pre and post polishing filters and 1 x Genuine USA made dow filmtec membrane element. Our 4 stage benchtop base system contains only USA and UK parts and filters. Assembled by us here in Australia and guaranteed for 10 years. Connect to your kitchen sink tap using the all metal diverter valve supplied in under 1 minute. Can produce up to 300 litres of pure water a day if needed. System comes complete with cover and all connections etc that are needed for DIY installation.  Free delivery everywhere Australia Wide.  Effectively removes up to 99% of  all contaminates including fluoride, chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals.

Specifications : Dimensions - 37 cms Length x 17 cms Height and 16 cms Width, Weighs 3.25 Kgs.
Simply connect system and flush for 20 minutes before first use.
Blue hose is your pure drinking water
black hose is your waste water toxic water (best flushed down the sink)
white hose connects this system to you sink.
Benchtop reverse osmosis water purifier system.

Please note - The diverter valve and tap adaptor only connects to taps with a 1 inch diameter approximately. Please send us a photo of your tap if you are unsure before purchasing

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Add a spare set of 12 monthly replacement filters here
Add a TDS meter here to ensure your system works at all time

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