11ltr Water filter bottle LB-JS05 plus 3 x SFB-3 ceramic filters
This pack includes 1 x LB-JS05 11ltr filter bottle plus 3 x SFB-3 ceramic silver gravity filters. The LB-JS05 also known as SFB-3 11 litre Self Fill filter Bottle will fit all bottle top products including wells, crocks and allof the Waterworks bottle-top water coolers.  These gravity filters utilise Ceramics and Silver Impregnated and Granular Activated Carbon(GAC) to reduce Chemicals, Chlorine, Tastes, Odours and water borne sediments and other contaminates in your drinking water.  Water is added to the top section, filtered as it passes into the lower section, and then delivered into your dispenser.  Once the dispenser is full, the float valve seals the bottle, storing the filtered water until required.
• Will fit any bottle top coolers and water dispensers.
• Chemical reduction.
• Sediment reduction.
• Taste and Odour reduction.
• Simple installation and operation
• Install on the top of your cooler and add unfiltered water to the top.
• The useful life of the replaceable filter cartridge included with bottle will depend on water quality but as a general guide, each will last around 6 months.  Special offers in shopping cart below.

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