Double Under Sink Water Filter System with 3 way Tap
Double under sink water filter system USA made with Culino dual lever 3 way Australian made mixer tap.  Package includes all fittings, instructions, John Guest hose and connections, Apex metal 350 KPA dual check pressure limiting valve, stainless steel bracket, opening spanner, metal joiner, brass tee, brass shut off valve and standard 0.4 micron USA made Multipure carbon block coconut husk filter and 0.5 poly spun pre filter or optional 0.9 micron absolute doulton cleanable sterasyl ceramic water filter cartridge plus Multipure 0.4 micron carbon filter. Systems are 10 inch industry standard and readily accepts any 9 3/4 inch replacement filters.  Remove and reduce chlorine, dirt, sediment, heavy metals, giardia, cryptosporidium and other nasties that are ever present in your water supply.  Filtration system dimensions are Height - 36 cms Width - 28 cms Depth - 12 cms. 

dual_water_filters.JPGdouble water filter.jpgPressure limiting valve, shut off valve and T pieceWater.Filters.and.Filtration.Systems/culino.dual.mixer.JPG
Everything you need to installtwin undersink made in USAculino.dual.tap.JPGtwin under sink faucet
  Culino 3 Way Tap with Double Under Sink Water Filter
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Item #Culino Twin

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